For many years ANSARA has been organizing KARNIVAL SYOKNYA ANSARA (KSA). It’s time for us to take KSA to a new level, by organizing it professionally for the benefits of both ANSARA and its participants.

We hope this will attract more ANSARA members, estimated to be more than 10,000 participants, officials, families and supporters to join this annual event. This is because KSA is the best platform to unite all ex MRSM students, through sports. It’s also a way for ANSARA to raise funds for its activities.

KSA2017 is the best platform to Unite all ex MRSM students, through Sports.

ANSARA consists of ex-MRSM students, many of them are in the professional sectors and very established in their field of work. Sponsors can tap into this vast network of highly established professionals.

It is estimated that more than 1.5 Million Ringgit will be transacted by all contingents and organizers for KSA2017. This year it is estimated that more than 6,000 participants will take part from all 46 contingents across the country. Sponsors will benefit from being featured in all promotions, merchandise and advertisements for this event.

ANSARA KOTA BHARU has been given the task of organizing this event based on its capability to recruit the most number of memberships amongst all ANSARA chapters and it’s capability to organize big scale events for its chapter.

Done well, KSA will be an event that ANSARA members will look forward to annually and establish ANSARA as a leading alumni association in this country.

Chief Executive Officer KSA2017
Karnival Syoknya ANSARA Kali ke-18